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  1. Can you send a sample of your children’s products for a review? I am from Bali, Indonesia. I have 2 children, the first is an 8 year old girl, and the other is a 7 year old boy. They will review your toy products. Thanks.

    • You would have to ask that from a toy company. Check out the links in this post and ask them directly to see if they would consider it.

  2. Hi. I have 2 kids aged 4 years and 3 years.

    • If you are wanting to get free toys for them, follow the links in this post.

  3. Hi. I am hard working teacher at early childhood education. I really need your help with free toys for the kids in the school. If anyone wants to help us with toys for kids, I would be more than happy (please help me with toys).

    • Check out the links in the post to see if you can get some toys. In addition, you might be able to use our post titled, “9 Sites Where You Can Get Strangers to Give You Money.” You might get extra help there. 🙂

  4. I would like free toys for the kids of my church.

    • Jeanette, check out some of the ways you can get some free toys in this article!

  5. Hi I recently got my 2 grandkids and mom they hit some very hard times and I am struggling to make sure about that happy once again and enjoying there new life style they are 8 and 7. I will share their experience with things when they receive them.

    • Hope it works out well!

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