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  1. Thanks for this extensive and well written post! This seems like a great side gig to make some extra cash and these are some great companies to work for!

    • Thanks! If you’re looking, I hope you find something that works for you!

  2. Josh Patoka,

    This is a great list! Is there any company, or website, which hires people to provide only email support? I feel that the email support job will have a more flexible schedule than an online chat job.

    • Well, one thing you could do is try out being a virtual assistant. Check out our post on this site to find out more about it. Good luck!

  3. Apple no longer hires at home advisers. They go through companies such as Kelly Connect to handle these roles. Kelly Connect is a good company to work for with the Apple project.

    • Thanks for letting us know as well as other readers. We appreciate your comments.

  4. Did you even put any work into this list? Arise is a scam that makes you pay and work hundreds of hours in unpaid training before you can even start any job, of which there are limited hours, if any, and you get paid nearly nothing according to reviewers.

    I have applied to hundreds of jobs at Indeed, and in my life I have never gotten a job offer, with 99.99999% never even contacting you at all. You will get a valid reply in about 1 in 10,000 applications, which is totally automated, asking for quizzes and one-way video recordings. You will never find a job at Indeed. Don’t waste your time.

    I will try some of these others, but I don’t trust this list as “reliable”. It’s just another source for more places to try. I’m not getting my hopes up.

    • Well, it sounds like those jobs weren’t for you. Maybe some of the other sources would work out better. Good luck!

  5. Why do these require a background check when you will be Remote and somewhere where you can’t do anything to anyone anyway?

    • There are still plenty of ways to commit crimes remotely, such as identity theft, debit or credit card theft, etc.

  6. What a fantastic and comprehensive list of potential chat jobs. I would love to do the phone type of customer service, but many people nearby, including neighbors, often play loud music, which would make a phone conversation impossible. Thank you for this list.

    • Don’t count them all out. You might be able to use noise cancelling headphones. Also, some might be done through text Q&A’s on their website. If you are really interested, you should consider checking into it. Good luck!

  7. Simply Hired is impossible to search. You type in “work from home” and home health aide comes up. I’m like, ‘Oh I see what you did there’. So irritating.

    And I don’t know why flexjobs keeps showing up on lists like this. It is beyond bogus. But I’ve checked out & applied to a few here.

  8. Has anyone had success with find a job on this list. Like genuinely!?

    • There have been many who have made money this way! Check out the links in this article on how you could get started!

  9. I’m willing to apply as a private agent and to assure that I can talk for someone who needed my attention and answer all questioning.

    • Best of luck with that job!

  10. I’m finding a job or a chat jobs for less hassle like traffic and I don’t want to be hurry going to the office. I hope this could help me though.

  11. Do I need to have SSS here in US to be able to apply as chat jobs?

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