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  1. Card Cash doesn’t take Amazon gift cards.

    • Thanks for the update! Card offerings constantly change. Hopefully, Card Cash will begin accepting them again in the future soon.

  2. If you are a business owner, or trying to raise money for charity, you can raffle your Amazon gift card. You might not directly profit from this option, but it can be a unique way to “pay it forward” as part of a charity raffle.

    • That’s an interesting way to use an Amazon gift card.

  3. Hi.

    I have problems with cashing checks from Amazon, so I thought I might accept gift cards as a payment and then sell them in exchange for money.

    Can you recommend the best option from the ones you mentioned in the article? I need to get a payment via PayPal.

    • We can’t make a recommendation on a particular one, but some might have an easier process than others. I would choose by reading a couple and looking for reviews. Then, choose one and give it a try. I wish you luck!

  4. Hi, I have someone from the military asking to purchase an Amazon gift card and for me to give them the receipt and the code on the back of the card so they can make a purchase. How is this done?

    • Well, it depends on exactly what you are trying to accomplish. If you are buying a card for a friend or family member to allow them to make a purchase remotely, you can call them, text, or email the number. I would be careful of any of these methods due to the possibility of hackers getting the information.
      Now, if instead, someone you don’t know has asked you to do this for them, do not do it because it’s likely a scam. As soon as you give them the code they will enter it into their own Amazon account and use the money. They probably won’t pay you and you will be out however much money you spend on the card.
      Whatever you do, use caution.

  5. Cardpool and Gift Card Granny do not seem to be buying Amazon gift cards. Raise said they only do it for select sellers (and I am not one of them).

    • Luckily, there are some other options for you on this list! Good luck and thanks for the comments.

  6. The Gift Card Granny information is not completely accurate and their site seems to have more technical issues than not.

  7. Amazon gift cards are the most traded and in demand gift cards out there, but I’ve found nowhere (including each of the above options) where I can safely sell or trade Amazon gift cards. A word of caution for those using social media to sell their cards: I assume Reddit is the best option, but be aware – to sell or trade on the gift card exchange thread, you have to be an active Reddit user. What that means, I’m not sure. Upvote a lot of silly cat memes before making the effort to post there. I’m serious. Also, be prepared to engage in a strange sort of interrogation where you may be asked “Do you still have your high school year book?”. The moderator of the gift card exchange thread is a bit off his rocker and can ask some bizarre questions.

  8. I purchased a gift card for a friend with my debit card. Why do they have a problem with loading it?

    • I have no idea. It could be that the card itself is defective or it could be something else entirely. You would need to contact them to get the issue resolved. I hope you are able to get it fixed or replaced.

  9. Thanks for mentioning them!

  10. I got an Amazon gift card. I did not know that I could not take my money off it. I have $400 on this card. I just want my money back.

    • You would need to contact Amazon to see if anything can be done. Go to their website and check out their policies, terms and conditions, and FAQ’s to see if you can find an answer. Or, you can also look for their contact information and ask them about it directly.

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