15 Ways to Sell Amazon Gift Cards For Cash

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Do you need to make money quickly?

One option is to sell your Amazon gift cards. There are plenty of buyers for your unwanted gift cards as Amazon sells many things.

It’s possible to sell unused or partially used Amazon gift cards online and locally.

Where to Sell Amazon Gift Cards

As long as the gift card balance is accurate, buyers are willing to buy gift cards using a variety of methods.

1. Raise

raise gift cards site

Discounted gift card marketplaces like Raise are a great place to sell unwanted Amazon gift cards because of the seller protection benefits.

You can sell digital gift cards for Amazon and almost any other store or restaurant. All you need to do is enter the gift card serial number, and Raise will verify the remaining balance before the listing goes live.

It’s possible to sell Amazon gift cards for face value, minus seller fees. However, Raise only lets select sellers sell Amazon gift cards, but any seller can sell other gift card brands.

When you make a sale, it’s free to list your gift cards but Raise keeps 15% of the selling price. This fee is competitive with other marketplaces.

Your payment options include:

  • Direct deposit
  • PayPal
  • Check

2. eBay

Another option is to sell your cards on eBay. This is one of the few ways you can actually sell your card for more than retail price, as international buyers take advantage of gift card exchange rates to buy “cheap” Amazon cards in U.S. dollars.

This type of currency arbitrage allows you to recoup the seller fees and profit.

For example, a recent $10 card balance was selling for $12.50 after five bids with four days remaining. Another seller was selling a $500 card for $535.

Selling fees are 10% of the final sales price plus shipping fees. The total fees can be lower than a gift card marketplace but you have fewer seller protection benefits.

Advice to avoid buyer scams:

  • NEVER email the gift card number to the buyer
  • Only ship the card to PayPal-verified addresses
  • Consider only selling to buyers with prior positive feedback

In the past, novice sellers have only emailed the code to the buyer and not mailed the card. The buyer will immediately redeem the card balance and file a complaint.

If eBay or PayPal rules against you, then you must issue a refund and lose the gift card.

3. Sell on Reddit

Reddit is a popular social media platform with a Gift Card Exchange subreddit (thread).

You can post that you have an Amazon gift card and its current balance. Then, you list what you’re willing to trade it for.

Your payment options include the following:

  • Cash (PayPal, Cash App, Venmo, etc.)
  • Gift cards
  • Cryptocurrency

You may also see others requesting an Amazon card and see what they’re willing to pay.

It’s free to sell gift cards on Reddit, but you will need to follow the community guidelines. Gift card balances larger than $250 require moderator approval.

As an added layer of security, you can also request the subreddit moderators to perform a background check on a prospective buyer too.

There isn’t any seller protection, and Reddit is riskier than using a gift card marketplace.

4. Trade on Reddit

The Reddit Barter subreddit allows you to trade Amazon gift cards for other tangible items and services. You may also see other people in need of your gift card if you’re willing to accept their item.

Trading allows you to avoid PayPal processing fees you can experience with the gift card exchange subreddit.

Be sure to read the subreddit rules in the sidebar before listing your gift cards. For example, you might be able to barter a gift card for video games or other services like graphic design.

5. Craigslist

You can also sell Amazon gift cards locally on Craigslist. Be prepared to verify the balance of the gift card when you meet with the buyer.

Most likely, the balance can be verified using your smartphone or meeting at a public Wi-Fi hotspot if you need to use a computer or tablet.

While you might invest some time and money to commute to the meeting location, you will receive cash and do not have to worry about any transaction fees that you will encounter with online sales.

As always, you can also trade your gift card for actual merchandise.

6. Facebook Marketplace

amazon gift card on Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is another great place to sell your unwanted Amazon gift cards. The social media platform can be more popular than Craigslist in your city.

It’s free to list your gift cards, and buyers can pay with cash or by debit card.

You don’t pay a transaction fee if you accept debit card payments.

Try listing your cards on the Facebook Marketplace and also local buy and sell groups. Be sure to read the group guidelines to ensure you can sell Amazon gift cards.

You can try other Craigslist alternatives to advertise your gift cards as well.

7. Sell on OfferUp

OfferUp lets you sell to local buyers or mail items you have sold to distant buyers.

Local sales are free but sellers pay a service fee on items requiring shipping. The service fee is either $1.99 or 12.9% of the sales price, whichever is higher.

8. BuyBackWorld

BuyBackWorld buys gift cards and old electronics. You can enter your gift card balance and receive an instant price quote.

Your payment options include:

  • PayPal
  • Check
  • Direct deposit
  • Prepaid debit card
  • Store credit

Choosing the BuyBackWorld store credit lets you get a 5% redemption bonus. You might choose this option if you want to buy used cell phones or other electronics.

9. Flip Items Purchased on Amazon

Are you an entrepreneur who relishes the idea of thinking outside the box?

Selling items for a profit that you purchased with your Amazon gift card is a prime example of making money with retail arbitrage.

There is an extra step or two involved to make money, but it can be an enjoyable experience and more profitable than selling it for a discount online.

Plus, if you are an Amazon Prime member or own an Amazon credit card, you can earn cash rewards that can maximize your profit even more.

10. Buy For Non-Amazon Prime Friends

If you received your card as a gift, you basically have free money sitting in your wallet.

Your friends and family might not be Prime members and occasionally want to buy exclusive Prime items but don’t shop Amazon enough to justify the $99 annual membership fee for Prime.

You can buy the product and have them reimburse you for the purchase. They get their goods, and you swap your card balance for cash.

This can also be a good option if you feel re-gifting is a bad idea.

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11. Use Amazon Pay

Amazon gift cards can also be redeemed at other online merchants. With Amazon Pay, you might be able to shop at an online store you routinely visit and pay with Amazon cash.

This saves the hassle of trading gift cards and potentially losing a few dollars in the process because of trade fees.

Amazon Pay is free to use, and new merchants are added all the time.

12. Buy Groceries at Amazon

Amazon sells everything, including groceries that are delivered to your front door.

It’s possible to order these grocery items:

  • Beverages
  • Coffee
  • Condiments
  • Snacks
  • Household items

You may need to be a Prime member or live near Whole Foods to order fresh produce and cold items.

13. Gameflip

Gameflip will let you sell Amazon gift cards on its online marketplace. You just list it for sale (it’s free to do this) and wait for an offer.

Gameflip takes a small fee from you after your card is sold. However, their site doesn’t say what that fee is without you starting the selling process.

If you sell your gift cards for cash, your proceeds will get deposited into your Gameflip wallet. From there, you can request a payout via PayPal or direct deposited into your bank account.

Bonus: You may be able to earn a bit more from your Amazon gift card by choosing to use the sale proceeds to buy from Gameflip.

14. GC Spread

You can sell your gift card on Gift Card Spread after entering your card balance and seeing the buyback price.

Most payments are sent by paper check within ten days of receiving your card or gift code details.

15. Buy Items You Need

If you’re not happy with the selling price or trading options, you can keep the card and buy the items you need.

Amazon sells almost everything, and while their prices are not always the lowest, you can spend free money and save money in the long run.

Some items you might buy include:

  • Baby diapers
  • Bandages and first aid supplies
  • Canned food
  • Christmas gifts
  • Clothing
  • Ebooks
  • Lightbulbs


If you want to make money now, it’s really easy to sell or trade your Amazon gift cards. Since there is a steady demand from buyers, you can sell your unwanted gift cards for the lowest trade fees and even make a profit.

Both you and the buyer win, and you get to walk away with some extra cash in your wallet.

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  1. Thanks a lot Josh.

    Now I can go back to all those online money making schemes that offer Amazon Gift Cards.

    I used to avoid them because I did not know how to convert the gift cards to money.

    1. Jess Nardini says:

      That’s great! So glad you can finally get some money!

  2. Elva Marth says:

    I have an Amazon gift card how can I find out if someone else has used it.

    1. Jess Nardini says:

      Amazon has a way that you can check your gift card balance on their website! Check their FAQs section to find out where you can do this!

  3. I got a 285.00 Amazon gift card i need the cash, how do I get my money I need to pay a bill

  4. Can I use my Amazon gift card overseas to put minutes on my phone.

  5. Curtis B Fields says:

    I got an Amazon gift card. I did not know that I could not take my money off it. I have $400 on this card. I just want my money back.

    1. You would need to contact Amazon to see if anything can be done. Go to their website and check out their policies, terms and conditions, and FAQ’s to see if you can find an answer. Or, you can also look for their contact information and ask them about it directly.

  6. Thanks for mentioning them!

  7. lorenzo richardson says:

    I purchased a gift card for a friend with my debit card. Why do they have a problem with loading it?

    1. I have no idea. It could be that the card itself is defective or it could be something else entirely. You would need to contact them to get the issue resolved. I hope you are able to get it fixed or replaced.

  8. Amazon gift cards are the most traded and in demand gift cards out there, but I’ve found nowhere (including each of the above options) where I can safely sell or trade Amazon gift cards. A word of caution for those using social media to sell their cards: I assume Reddit is the best option, but be aware – to sell or trade on the gift card exchange thread, you have to be an active Reddit user. What that means, I’m not sure. Upvote a lot of silly cat memes before making the effort to post there. I’m serious. Also, be prepared to engage in a strange sort of interrogation where you may be asked “Do you still have your high school year book?”. The moderator of the gift card exchange thread is a bit off his rocker and can ask some bizarre questions.

  9. The Gift Card Granny information is not completely accurate and their site seems to have more technical issues than not.

  10. Cardpool and Gift Card Granny do not seem to be buying Amazon gift cards. Raise said they only do it for select sellers (and I am not one of them).

    1. Luckily, there are some other options for you on this list! Good luck and thanks for the comments.

  11. Timca Jones says:

    Hi, I have someone from the military asking to purchase an Amazon gift card and for me to give them the receipt and the code on the back of the card so they can make a purchase. How is this done?

    1. Well, it depends on exactly what you are trying to accomplish. If you are buying a card for a friend or family member to allow them to make a purchase remotely, you can call them, text, or email the number. I would be careful of any of these methods due to the possibility of hackers getting the information.
      Now, if instead, someone you don’t know has asked you to do this for them, do not do it because it’s likely a scam. As soon as you give them the code they will enter it into their own Amazon account and use the money. They probably won’t pay you and you will be out however much money you spend on the card.
      Whatever you do, use caution.

  12. Hi.

    I have problems with cashing checks from Amazon, so I thought I might accept gift cards as a payment and then sell them in exchange for money.

    Can you recommend the best option from the ones you mentioned in the article? I need to get a payment via PayPal.

    1. We can’t make a recommendation on a particular one, but some might have an easier process than others. I would choose by reading a couple and looking for reviews. Then, choose one and give it a try. I wish you luck!

  13. If you are a business owner, or trying to raise money for charity, you can raffle your Amazon gift card. You might not directly profit from this option, but it can be a unique way to “pay it forward” as part of a charity raffle.

    1. That’s an interesting way to use an Amazon gift card.

  14. Card Cash doesn’t take Amazon gift cards.

    1. Josh Patoka says:

      Thanks for the update! Card offerings constantly change. Hopefully, Card Cash will begin accepting them again in the future soon.