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  1. This is a good list! Being a nanny or babysitting are interesting options. Do the college students really have the patience to do babysitting? It’s the toughest job ever for anyone. 🙂

    • We actually have a college student watch our two kids on a regular basis. So, even though it does require A LOT of patience, some people are wired for it.

    • I mean, it depends on the student. Some of us were raised around kids or had siblings we took care of so we have experience and know how to care for kids. Not all college students are frat boys.

      • You make a great point. It really does depend on the student. Just like older adults, some are responsible and knowledgeable and others are lacking in those areas.

  2. My son is a university student in Kalamazoo, Michigan at the University of Western Michigan. What are some companies that hire part-time in the City of Kalamazoo for college students?

    • There are probably lots and lots and there’s really no way for me to know of them all. But, you could have him try out some of these ideas. He could also check with friends to see if they know anyone hiring or bulletin boards that post jobs around campus. There’s lots of opportunities if he looks for them! I hope he finds employment that works with his class schedule.

  3. I have learnt from you
    I will try looking for a suitable job for me
    Emmanuel Oganda,
    Thank You.

    • Glad this site was able to help! Best of luck finding a job!

  4. This really puts my mind to rest. I just can’t get over the traumatic experience (customers shouting, Rude people and worst of all $4.25 p/h) as a retail worker during High School.
    This has Internally caused relief, thank you soooo much.

    Btw I shared this with a friend and now we both work as babysitters and make a decent amount of money.

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