How This Guy Increased His Credit Score by Over 200 Points

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Tim T. had always prided himself on being financially responsible. He paid his bills on time, kept a lid on debt balances and saved money where he could.

But sometimes things happen that aren’t always in your control.

After Tim went through some tough times, the credit rating he worked so hard to protect had plummeted, down to a low of nearly 500, considered “bad” in the world of credit ratings.

You see, when Tim got married a few years back he thought he’d met the woman of his dreams. Little did he know that behind his back she was using his good name and credit score to make unapproved purchases.

She would open accounts and charge purchases under his name, never making payments. Because Tim wasn’t aware of the purchases, he wasn’t making payments either.

As those bills went unpaid, Tim’s credit score dropped. And dropped some more. Since Tim wasn’t checking his credit score on a regular basis he had no idea what was happening to his score or his credit reputation.

Eventually the deceptive behavior came to light and Tim was shocked to find out that his credit report wasn’t as clean as he thought it was.

Tim knew that his bad credit rating wasn’t conducive to the life he wanted to live. He knew that a bad credit rating can affect your ability to get a job, to get approved for loans and can result in higher insurance rates as well.

So he went on a mission to regain his previous good credit standing, using Credit Sesame’s free credit monitoring service to help him along the way.

How Tim Raised His Credit Score from “Bad” to “Excellent”

After Tim divorced, he went about rebuilding his life and found to his surprise that his credit score had dipped to a crushing 540, and that his credit report contained charge-offs and other unpaid items.  

Tim wasn’t about to give up on his dreams, however. He wanted things: things like financial stability and a home of his own.

Tim joined Credit Sesame and signed up for their free credit monitoring service. He got the full, unpleasant scoop about his credit situation.

Knowing that it was now up to him to turn things around, he used his Credit Sesame membership to get tips and advice on how to raise his credit score and clean up his credit report.

He monitored his credit on a weekly basis, following Credit Sesame’s advice, paying off debts and practicing using credit wisely.

Every week he watched as charge-offs were newly labeled “paid” and his credit score went up.

He used his credit cards regularly and paid them promptly to rebuild his credit reputation. After only a year and a half of working with Credit Sesame, Tim raised his credit score by over 200 points.

Today, Tim’s credit score is a stellar 760, his reputation is restored and he is well on his way to achieving his financial dreams.

How Credit Sesame Can Help You

In the same way Credit Sesame helped Tim, they can help you.

Credit Sesame’s goal is to help you create a better financial life for yourself. Their totally free service will help:

  • Monitor your credit score and keep an eye on your credit report by sending you regular credit “report cards” that reflect changes on your credit report
  • Keep you updated on outstanding loan and credit card balances
  • Alert you to any changes or potential fraudulent activity on your credit report
  • Assist you in setting financial goals and alert you when they find an offer that may be able to help you reach those goals

Credit Sesame’s free services are available to everyone, and their bank-level security practices help ensure your personal information is always safely and securely stored.

Tim took advantage of that free help and has conquered his credit problems once and for all.

Tim’s Advice for Those Struggling with Bad Credit Scores

Tim’s most important advice to those who are suffering from a bad credit score and are hoping to clean up their credit score and report is this:

“Don’t be ashamed of where you’re at. What’s done is done. But take advantage of the resources available to you that will help you turn things around.

“Yes, you can get a copy of your credit report for free once a year, but that report doesn’t include your credit score, and a year is enough time for your credit to go from great to terrible.

“With Credit Sesame you can monitor your credit daily if you want to, and you can see real-time changes in your credit score as you follow the advice they give on cleaning up your credit report and/or raising your credit score if you don’t have any credit.

“And the best part is that Credit Sesame is totally free. Why would a person not take advantage of a free resource that can help them live a better life?

How Tim’s New Credit Score is Helping Him Achieve His Dreams

Today, Tim’s excellent credit score is helping him live life successfully. He no longer has to worry about being denied a job because of bad credit or unpaid bills.

He also doesn’t have to worry that he will pay higher insurance rates because of bad credit.

Best of all, Tim’s great credit score was instrumental in getting him approved for a construction loan to build his new house.

He’ll be living in that new construction home shortly, and he knows that Credit Sesame’s free services were instrumental in helping him get approved to build his new home.

Bad Credit Doesn’t Have to Stay Bad Forever

Bad credit happens. As Tim says, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. However, it’s also important to not let bad credit scores keep you from reaching your financial goals.

If you are struggling with bad credit or no credit, take advantage of the free powerful tools and services Credit Sesame has to offer, and use them to get back on solid financial footing.

If your credit score and credit rating are good, using Credit Sesame’s free service will help you make sure they stay that way and that hidden activity on your credit report won’t ruin your credit score the way it did Tim’s.

Regular monitoring of your credit score and credit report is a big part of maintaining a healthy financial picture.

Let Credit Sesame help you gain and maintain a healthy financial life by signing up for their free credit monitoring services today.

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