1. I’ve been using Credit Karma for quite some time to monitor my credit score. I use it more as a “trivia” sort of piece of information since I don’t actually care what my credit score is. My philosophy is, if I take care of my bills like I should, then my credit score will take care of itself. But it is kind of interesting to see how the score is generally affected by different actions I take with my finances. I did hear, however, that what Credit Karma reports isn’t your FICO score…do you know if this is true? If not, what exactly is Credit Karma reporting?

    • I’m glad to hear that you have been using Credit Karma for a while. I use it very similarly in that it is more informative than anything. If I make good financial choices, I see the direct correlation within Credit Karma. As far as the score, you are correct, they do not provide a FICO score. They provide the TransUnion New Account Score which is also used by lenders to assess your creditworthiness. They are not one and the same. However, it is a good gauge to tell if you are moving in the right direction with respect to improving your credit.

  2. It only monitors changes to one of the three CRA’s reports, so it’s no substitute for pulling your free reports once a year. Still, the always-on monitoring of TransUnion has proven extremely useful on multiple occasions for me.

    • I agree. That is a good thing to point out. If people want to get all 3 credit reports for free they can go to Thanks for mentioning that Mario.

  3. I absolutely love Credit Karma. It really is easy to use and it helps me ensure that nothing crazy is going on with my credit score or accounts.

    • I’m glad to hear that you are a fan of Credit Karma as well. It is a great way to keep a pulse on your credit, that is for sure.

  4. I used Credit Karma back a couple of years ago and for a free resource, I agree it is great. I obtained mine more out of curiosity than to use it for a future loan. I’m in the camp of not needing my FICO score for some time, but you never know.

    • I am in a similar situation where I don’t have a need for a FICO score, since I don’t intend to borrow money. One of the best benefits is the early detection of fraud. My wife has had fraud occur on her credit report and we would like to avoid that from happening ever again. Since Credit Karma emails us any time new accounts are opened, we should be able to address any fraud very quickly.

  5. Hi there,

    I’m gearing myself up to check on my credit score after 2 years of good payments. Do you know if Credit Karma works for Canadian credit checks?

    Many thanks, if you have any info on this.

    • I believe that it only works for US citizens at this point, but if you find out differently, please let me know.

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