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  1. This is very well said. This article is very informative and useful for such users who are always looking forward to selling and buying things online on classified sites. Thank you for sharing this amazing post with us.

    • We’re glad you enjoy it. Thank you!

      • is for Europe only.

        • Are you sure about that? There are boards for most major U.S. cities and there’s even a Maryland-based contact address and phone number.

    • Thanks!

  2. is also a great site to find good furniture deals. There are no hidden fees and there’s also an option for pick up and drop off at reasonable prices like furnishare.

    • Thanks for mentioning this. I might have to check it out.

  3. Thanks for finally talking about “35 Places to Sell Used Furniture Quickly
    (Locally and Online)”. I liked it!

    • Thank you! 🙂

  4. Hello, I am happy to have come across great ideas of how I can sell my furniture. I have a 1900’s antique white sewing machine with beautiful wood and with a petal. I’m having a hard time finding a place to advertise. Does anybody have any good suggestions on where to post this item and for how much?
    Thank you so much!

    • You could start by checking out some of the sites you are interest in advertising it on. See if they have sold similar items and for how much. That could help you decide where to go to sell it for the most money.

  5. This is a very helpful article. Thank you!
    By the way, unless you go with a “Professional” (10 or more listings) or “Elite” (still in development) account with Chairish, the consignment is a straight 30% off the top. It’s a great site, but 30% is a steep price.

    • I will have to check into that and possibly update our post. Thanks for pointing that out!

  6. Hello, I have a used smart TV for sale. I need an idea of where I can sell it. Thank you.

    • Check out the links in this post. Other ideas are to have a garage sale, check consignment shops in your area, or try to sell it online through Craigslist or a Facebook selling group in your area.

  7. Thanks for the article. My new sofa was delivered yesterday and it is never going to work for me. I’m sure the retailer will not take it back, so I need to find a way to sell it quickly. This was very helpful.

    • You’re welcome. I hope you are able to get a lot from it, since it’s new. Good luck!

  8. These all sound good. I have a house full of furniture I am going to have to sell as soon as my house sells. The house looks better furnished, but with the passing of my husband I will be moving to a little mother-in-law suite. I am alone and want to get my money’s worth but not take forever to do it. What do you think would be my best path? Thank you!

    • That depends on several factors. One is the age of your furniture. Another is the condition of the furniture. Still another is the fabric and style. There’s a lot that can affect how much you’ll get when you try to sell it. My advice is to check out some of the sites you are interested in using to sell your furniture. Look at how much other people are getting for similar pieces. that might tell you which site to use to sell yours. Good luck!

  9. How does one go about learning the general value of a piece of vintage furniture before offering it for sale?

    • One way is to check with an auction house or see if you can get it appraised by an antique dealer. Or, you could look online to see if you can find similar pieces in about the same condition that have sold and how much they sold for.

  10. I was looking for a place in the Inland Empire that comes in an buys a full house of furniture?
    Thanks, Jane

  11. Nice blog content! Thank you for the recommendations. These are all noted.

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