Grasshopper Review: Thoughts from an Actual Customer

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When I first started my business, I used my cell phone number as the primary phone number for my business. The problem was that I was having people call my cell phone and I did not know how to answer it.

If it was a potential client, I would want to greet them in a professional way. If it was a personal call, I would want to be more casual. The challenge was, I had no way of knowing which it was, especially since I own more than one business.

This is where Grasshopper comes in.



If you need a business line, whether it be an 800 number or a local number, I personally have found Grasshopper to be one of the best solutions out there.

What is Grasshopper?

Well, as you have probably figured out already, I am not talking about an insect. Grasshopper is a company that offers virtual phone systems for business owners. 

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How a Phone Number from Grasshopper Helped my Business

At first, I decided to get an 800 number from Grasshopper as I wanted to have a national appeal. After a while, I was getting calls from people that I could not serve and realized that I would be better off with a local number. So I made the switch and now my personal line and business line are separate.

Why does this matter?

Whether we like to admit it or not, first impressions do count for something.

When people call me, I can now differentiate whether it is a business or a personal call. This is huge because when it is a business prospect, I can answer in a professional way and feel like I have a better chance of closing that business.

It also means that my personal cell phone number is not plastered all over the internet. This is great because I enjoy my privacy and don’t want that published so that anyone can reach me.

Especially those robo calls. Those can be especially annoying…

In addition to having a separate line, there are several other features that are helpful as well.

Cool features that Grasshopper offers

Mobile App – This a very intuitive app that is available for Android and iPhones. It stores all of your calls so that you can go back and see the history of people who just called your business line. It is also where you can store and retrieve your voicemails. Depending on the package you get, you can send and receive text messages from a Grasshopper local number. This includes an SMS function to group text clients, employees, and team members.

Call Forwarding – If you go out of town and want your virtual assistant or someone else to answer the business line, this is a great feature.

Extensions – Do you have multiple people that work for you? If so, you can give them an extension so that you don’t have to buy multiple phone numbers. The cool thing is that you can have an unlimited number of extensions so that you can add more as you grow.

Portability – I have a landline for another business I own, but the challenge with that is that I can’t carry that in my pocket anywhere I go. With a local number from grasshopper, I can have access to my business phone 24/7 on my smartphone. Not that I want to get calls at all hours of the night, but I do like to check voicemails after hours in case there is anything urgent.

Hold Music – If you want to come across as an INC 500 company and be even more professional, this is a nice touch. Grasshopper gives you multiple choices for hold music which can set you apart from the competition.

Vanity Numbers – Have you ever wanted a number that is easy to remember and that tells people what you do? For instance, 1-800-SEO-GURU. This is called a vanity number and is a feature that Grasshopper offers if you want it.

Voicemails transcribed – If you are on the go and don’t have time to answer a call, you can let it go to voicemail and Grasshopper will email you the voicemail in a text format. This way you can read your voicemails and determine whether or not you have the time to call that person back.

Did you ever have that long pause when someone asks you about your fax number?

PDF & Fax Capabilities – In today’s digital landscape, we often take for granted something as simple as a fax. Yes, there are plenty of realtors, insurance salespeople, and small brick and mortar business that still use a fax machine to send documents.

One of the most unique features is the ability to fax documents into your account, creating a library of documents that callers can request via fax instantly, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This can include order forms, product sheets, onboarding forms, service agreements, and more ready to deploy in seconds.

Grasshopper Plans & Pricing

Another great thing about Grasshopper is that they have multiple plans for you to choose from. So whether you are just starting out, or running multiple businesses, Grasshopper has a plan to suit your needs. Even if you are on a strict budget, they have a plan as low as $12 per month.

Oh yeah, and there is FREE activation no matter what plan you choose.


If you need a business line, whether it be an 800 number or a local number, I personally have found Grasshopper to be one of the best solutions out there. They have great customer service and the prices are very affordable. Since I am such a big fan of Grasshopper, they actually gave me a special code that will give you $75 off your annual plan.

Click here to sign up for Grasshopper and use code “75dollars” to save $75 on your annual plan!

One final note

When I first signed up with them, they had music playing as people were calling my number which I didn’t like. So I called Grasshopper, asked them to switch it to a regular ring, and they had it fixed in less than 5 minutes. So this was the one and only issue that I have had with them, which I would consider pretty minor in the scheme of things.

Have you ever considered getting an 800 number or a business phone number? If so, let me know your experience in the comments below.

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    Hi Deacon,

    Definetely is one the best virtual phone systems available in the market, but there are also other service providers who provide same features and services at much more affordable prices. One of them I know is

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