12 Best LLC Formation Services

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Forming a limited liability company (LLC) has several legal and financial advantages. However, figuring out how to start a limited liability company may seem overwhelming. Luckily, there are LLC formation services that can make the process easy.

Every business has different needs. Comparing the best LLC services and the ongoing customer support they provide can help you choose the right one for your company.

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Highest rated service with fast turnaround

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Low cost option available in most states

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Free option that offers expedited processing

Top LLC Filing Services

Most platforms offer packages with different services and prices that can help grow your business.

Some have ongoing customer support options that can include expedited processing, advisory services, employer identification number (EIN) filing and more.

Regardless of which LLC formation service you choose, it’s important to note that each state charges an additional filing fee. The initial cost can be as low as $40 (Kentucky) or as high as $500 (Massachusetts), depending on the state.

There is also an ongoing fee that can be between $0 and $800 annually or biennially. The recurring fees vary by state.

Here are the best LLC formation services available today.

1. BetterLegal

BetterLegal charges $299 for all online LLC formation service and corporation formation services plus state fees.

The upfront cost is higher than other business formation services, admittedly.

These services are complimentary:

  • EIN/Federal tax ID number application
  • Operating agreement
  • Banking resolution
  • Website
  • Business checking
  • Tax analysis
  • Insurance evaluation

Despite these built-in perks, Registered Agent services costs $90 per year (or $10/month). If you want the first year of Registered Agent services for free, another company is better for LLC services.

There are two other optional LLC services you might like. First, state compliance services cost $90 per year or $10 monthly. Second, a permit and license search costs $125.

Another benefit of being a subscriber is free amendments and document research. Plus, it has excellent customer reviews. These make it one of the best LLC formation services on the market.

Best for: Flat fee, low-cost Registered Agent services

Trustpilot score: 4.9 out of 5


  • Quick delivery
  • Straightforward packages
  • Several complimentary services


  • Relatively expensive
  • Limited general support

2. Inc Authority

Inc Authority homepage

If you are looking for the best LLC service, Inc Authority can be a good option for businesses that want to form an LLC for free. In fact, it has excellent customer reviews.

There are also add-on advisory LLC services that can help new companies build their brand. These include business plan creation and internet marketing packages.

Free Package

It’s free to file for an LLC with Inc Authority. You just pay the state fees and postage.

Each Inc Authority filing comes with these free benefits: 

  • Business name check
  • Operating agreement
  • Digital storage of startup documents
  • One year of registered agent services
  • S-Election Form (IRS Form 2553)
  • Phone and email customer support

Optional upgrades are available and pricing may vary. You must contact Inc Authority by email or phone to get a personal quote. 

Some of the optional upgrades include: 

  • Employer identification number
  • Personalized business plan
  • Federal trademark
  • Revocable living trust
  • Business website and marketing packages

Business Bundles

Inc Authority offers three business bundles that can reduce the cost of buying add-on LLC services. These bundles also provide other perks like EIN filing and access to a business success advisor.

The Starter Business Bundle has a one-time cost of $399 and is the most affordable of the three options. It includes:

  • EIN filing
  • Ownership certificates
  • Record book and company seal
  • Tax consultation
  • One year of access to an Inc Success Advisor

The other two bundles cost $499 (Executive) and $799 (Tycoon). Extra benefits may include business licensing and express LLC application processing. 

These packages might be too expensive for businesses that only want help forming an LLC and registered agent access.

Best for: Free LLC filing, add-on business advisor access

Trustpilot ranking: 4.8 out of 5


  • Free formation option
  • First-year Registered Agent service is free
  • 30+ years of experience


  • Potentially slow turnaround
  • Expensive add-ons

3. IncFile

IncFile homepage

IncFile offers three plans for customers. One is a free LLC formation plan, but state filing fees do apply. The free plan also includes one year of registered agent services. 

You will need to choose one of the two premium plans if you want IncFile to provide key documents like an operating agreement, banking resolution and contract templates.

All plans only have a one-time fee and can be useful if you just need an online LLC formation service. If you want to use IncFile as a registered agent, all plans charge a $119 annual fee after the first year.  

IncFile also offers free setup for a Bank of America business banking account.

All IncFile plans include these benefits:

  • Online access to Articles of Organization
  • Lifetime filing alerts
  • One year of free registered agent services (then $119/year)

This business formation service may offer less ongoing customer support than other formation services. Business owners that want more hands-on contact might want to consider another platform. 

Silver Package

When you only need help forming an LLC, the IncFile Silver package is a good fit. Your only cost is the state filing fees.

Silver package perks include: 

  • Preparing and filing Articles of Organization
  • Unlimited name searches
  • One year of no-cost registered agent service

Registered agent service costs $119 per year if you continue to use IncFile. Other optional one-time upgrades can include receiving an operating agreement ($40), EIN ($70) and a banking resolution ($35).

This package offers standard processing speeds. Upgrading to the expedited processing speed costs $50.

Gold Package

The middle-tier Gold package has the Silver package benefits, including one year of complimentary registered agent service. There is a one-time cost of $149 for this package.

Other Gold benefits include:

  • EIN filing
  • Operating agreement
  • Banking resolution

Upgrading to the expedited processing speed costs $50. The other potential upgrade is access to over 25 business contract templates for $150.

Platinum Package

The Platinum package has a one-time cost of $299 and includes the IncFile features that are add-on options for the cheaper plans. If you want expedited filing and business contract access, IncFile can be one of the most affordable options. 

Platinum features include:

  • Expedited filing
  • Business contract filing
  • One year of business domain name and email services

IncFile doesn’t mention the recurring cost for the business domain name and business email services. You will receive an invoice at the end of the first year stating the renewal cost. 

Best for: Free LLC formation, excellent customer reviews

ShopperApproved rating: 2.3 out of 5

Trustpilot: 4.7 out of 5


  • Free formation package
  • Affordable paid bundles
  • Registered Agent service is free for one year


  • Limited customer support hours
  • Potentially slow turnaround

4. ZenBusiness

ZenBusiness homepage

ZenBusiness offers three different LLC formation services that start at $49 plus state filing fees. They use technology and automation to give you quick LLC service at an affordable rate.

Some of the key features for all three plans include:

  • Registered agent service
  • Operating Agreement template
  • Free accounting consultation
  • 100% accuracy guarantee

Registered agent service is one of the best reasons to consider ZenBusiness. Other companies may charge an extra fee for this perk. If you don’t have someone to be your registered agent, this LLC service is a great value.

Upgrading to the middle or upper plan offers additional perks. If you don’t want to pay for a more robust package, you can choose a cheaper plan and buy add-on LLC services for a one-time fee. 

Starter Plan

The entry-level Starter Plan can be a good option for LLC formation service on a small budget. The fee for the first year is $49. While the renewal price increases to $119 per year, registered agent service is standard. 

The Starter Plan for LLC service options include these benefits:

  • Name availability search
  • Phone and email customer support
  • Online document access
  • Statement of Organizer
  • $150 Google Ads credit

Standard filing speeds are included in this plan. It may take up to 18 business days for LLC formation services. Upgrading to a quicker filing speed costs either $50 or $100.  

A few of the other best LLC services available include:

  • Banking resolution template ($30)
  • EIN filing ($99)
  • Business documents ($99)
  • Worry-Free Compliance ($199 yearly)

If you opt for EIN filing and business documents, you pay $149 for the combo package instead of $99 per LLC service. That’s a $49 savings.

The Worry-Free Compliance feature covers the annual report filings and up to two yearly amendments. These help you remain state-complaint. 

Pro Plan

The Pro Plan for LLC service options costs $199 per year and includes the Starter Plan benefits. You also get these perks at no extra cost:

  • Expedited filing speed
  • Banking resolution template
  • EIN filing
  • Worry-Free Compliance

According to ZenBusiness, this is the most popular package. The Pro Plan can be the best option because you get automatic EIN filing. It also provides a banking resolution template to let others access your business bank account on your behalf.  

There are a few optional upgrades that can be beneficial. For example, the “rush” filing speed costs $100 and can complete your LLC formation in several days. 

Premium Plan

If you want to have ZenBusiness design your website, the Premium plan can save you money. At an annual cost of $299, you get the quickest filing speed of all three plan options.

Other complimentary perks include:

  • Website hosting
  • Business domain name
  • WHOIS domain name privacy
  • Business email address

The business email address includes up to 5 GB of data storage. You may opt to use another website hosting company with more robust features.

Best for: Complimentary registered agent service, fantastic customer reviews

Trustpilot ranking: 4.6 out of 5


  • Affordable pricing
  • Quick turnaround
  • $5,000 business grants program


  • Renewal fees are higher than setup
  • No free Registered Agent service

5. Swyft Filings

You can use Swyft Filings to form an LLC, S-Corp, C-Corp, or a non-profit. Pricing starts at $49 plus state fees with advanced LLC services costing more.

It’s possible to complete the process online or call phone customer support if you want to receive personalized help. You will receive lifetime customer support as well.

Better yet, this company has excellent customer reviews, giving you peace of mind that your LLC filing needs will be met.

Best for: Hands-on customer support

Trustpilot ranking: 4.8 out of 5


  • Low formation fees
  • Hands-on customer support
  • Several add-on services


  • Expensive Registered Agent service
  • May upsell optional services

6. LegalZoom

LegalZoom homepage

LegalZoom offers LLC formation services in every state and has great customer reviews. You play a flat fee of $79 for normal processing (up to 30 days) plus state filing fees and any add-on features you add.

For faster process speeds, the base fee jumps to $329 (15 days) or $349 (10 days).

Five additional LLC services are available and include:

  • Registered Agent ($249/year)
  • Essential legal documents and licenses ($99-199/year)
  • Total compliance ($280/year)
  • Tax and accounting packages ($99-$250 per month)
  • Legal services ($49 per month)

If you appoint LegalZoom as your registered agent, you will likely pay more. As a sample quote for this article, an LLC incorporation for the first year costs $249.

These $249 cost estimate includes the filing fees and registered agent service.

You will also pay a one-time fee for different packages to draft an operating agreement, EIN and licenses.

Your one-time fees can include:

  • $99: Operating agreement
  • $159: Operating agreement and EIN
  • $199: Operating agree, EIN and licenses

Compliance Packages

There are several other compliance packages you can purchase annually to cover your legal services, tax and accounting matters.

Your compliance package options include:

  • Total Compliance for your state: $280 per year
  • Tax and accounting plans: $99-$250 per month
  • Legal Protect Plan: $49 per month

The tax and accounting plans can offer basic tax prep or full service accounting. With the full service plan, you also get access to QuickBooks.

For the Legal Protect Plan, you pay $49 per month and get these benefits:

  • Unlimited 30-minute consultations for new employment and legal issues
  • Access to legal forms library

These add-ons can be expensive but they can be cheaper than hiring full-time help or keeping a lawyer on retainer.

Best for: Expedited filing, tax, accounting and compliance packages

Trustpilot ranking: 4.6 out of 5


  • In-depth legal assistance
  • Extensive customer support
  • Attorney access is available


  • Expensive bundles and add-ons
  • No free Registered Agent pricing

7. Rocket Lawyer

RocketLawyer homepage

Rocket Lawyer offers LLC formation services and can be an attractive option if you need legal services and advice. If you don’t have an attorney, you can request 30-minute consultations with Rocket Lawyer to ask legal questions.

Pricing for the LLC formation and legal services from Rocket Lawyer depends on whether you have a free or premium membership. Non-member pricing can be more expensive.

Rocket Lawyer consultants will prepare and file the initial paperwork for LLC formation. Registered agent service is available at extra cost. 

If you need various legal documents, Rocket Lawyer can be useful as well. For example, they can draft rental contracts, patents and trademarks. 

Non-Member Pricing

It’s possible to pay one-time fees with Rocket Lawyer if you want to purchase business formation service assistance, legal documents and attorney services. There isn’t a recurring annual fee as a non-member.

Below is a sample of LLC service costs from Rocket Lawyer: 

  • LLC filing services: $99.99
  • Registered Agent service: $149.99/year
  • Legal documents: $39.99 per document
  • Ask legal questions to a lawyer: $49.99 per question
  • 30-minute legal consultation: $59.99 per new legal matter
  • “Document Defense” legal document enforcement: $9.99 per document

Rocket Lawyer is a great solution if you want the same company to serve as your LLC formation service and legal advisor. Otherwise, the pay-as-you-go pricing can get expensive.

Premium Member Pricing

A Rocket Lawyer Premium membership costs $39.99 per month (after a 7-day free trial).

Upgrading can be worth it if you speak with Rocket Lawyer advisors regularly or draft several business documents.

Premium membership waives the fees on these LLC services:

  • Incorporation service and filing for new members (25% off afterward)
  • Legal documents
  • Ask a lawyer legal questions
  • 30-minute consultation for new legal matters
  • “Document Defense” contract enforcement

It can be free for new members to file for an LLC. However, there is only a 25% discount on future filings.

Also, there is a 25% discount on registered agent services, dropping the annual cost to $112.50. This annual cost is slightly lower than some of the other best LLC services, but you must remember the $39.99 monthly fee.

When you need to hire an attorney for more than a simple consult or legal question, Premium members enjoy a savings of up to 40%. Non-members do not get a discount on attorney fees from this LLC formation service.

Best for: On-demand legal advice, good customer reviews

Trustpilot ranking: 4.7 out of 5


  • Fast turnaround
  • Many legal document features
  • Attorney access


  • Expensive membership fees
  • Specializes in legal forms

8. MyCorporation


With excellent customer feedback, MyCorporation offers several packages to help get your business off the ground. Since its founding, the company has helped over one million businesses with this labor-intensive paperwork.

This is one of the best LLC service companies in the space.


Create an Articles of Incorporation for $99 (plus state fees). The name availability search is also complimentary.


For $124, you receive the essential online LLC formation services:

  • Articles of Incorporation service
  • Bylaws, minutes and waivers
  • Annual report


This plan costs $224 and comes with the Standard plan features plus Registered Agent service.


At $324, you receive the MaintainMyBiz LLC service which helps file your quarterly filings to keep your business in good standing.

Best for: Using an experienced company to file and have ongoing customer support

Trustpilot score: 4.2 out of 5


  • Extensive experience
  • Great customer service
  • Fast turnaround


  • Registered Agent service may cost extra
  • Potentially expensive add-ons

9. Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands guides you through the LLC formation process in any state and the District of Columbia. The LLC service can help you complete your Articles of Formation and enroll in a year of Registered Agent service.

You will need to speak with a sales consultant to discuss pricing.

Also, compared to other LLC filing companies, the customer feedback for Tailor Brands is a bit lower.

Best for: Hands-on help forming an LLC

Trustpilot score: 3.9 out of 5


  • Easy to use
  • Hands-on help
  • Logo and website design


  • No public pricing
  • Specializes in graphic design

10. Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest Registered Agent homepage

Northwest Registered Agent doesn’t offer a variety of pricing plans. All users pay a flat fee of $100 plus the state filing fee to form an LLC. There are additional costs for other add-ons like registered agent service and mail forwarding.

A free account is available with Northwest Registered Agent using premade templates as well. However, you will need to complete the paperwork by yourself. 

Since Northwest Registered Agent is a smaller LLC formation service, they may provide better customer support than other platforms. You receive a direct phone number to your agent. If you need to leave a voicemail, you can expect a return call within two hours. 


Like other business formation services, Northwest Registered Agent shows the upfront costs by state to form an LLC. 

Each LLC filing includes an operating agreement, bank account resolutions and membership certificates. Other business formation services may require you to choose a mid-tier plan to get the bank account benefits. 

Here is a sample of the Northwest Registered Agent fees:

  • LLC filing service fee: $100
  • Registered agent: $125 annually
  • EIN application: $50
  • Second telephone number: $9 per state
  • Virtual office: $49 per year
  • Premium mail forwarding: $40 monthly

The filing service fees and registered agent fees are more expensive than some business formation services. However, you can enroll in different virtual office perks that other services don’t offer. 

The virtual office and premium mail forwarding options are unique. Northwest can digitally scan the mail you receive daily or send it weekly via snail mail. 

Getting a business telephone number in multiple states can be handy. With Northwest Registered Agent, you pay $9 per line per state and can choose any area code. The second number can be useful after getting a free business phone number

Keep in mind that the customer feedback for this platform is lower than some of the other LLC filing companies on our list.

Best For: Flat pricing and unique services

Trustpilot score: 3.4 out of 5


  • Fast service
  • Free legal templates
  • Customizable support features


  • Several customer service complaints
  • Potentially more expensive

11. Filenow

FileNow homepage

If you need one of the best LLC service companies, Filenow offers a free and premium LLC formation package. You can get one year of no-cost registered agent service with the paid subscription.

The better plan depends on which add-ons you need. If you need several add-on services like Registered Agent or EIN registration, the Premium Plan can save you money.

However, customer feedback scores are a little lower than some of the other options on our list.

Starter Package

The Starter Package costs $0 plus the state filing fee.

Package perks include:

  • Files Articles of Organization
  • Phone and email customer support
  • Compliance alerts
  • Error-free guarantee

Filenow processes all orders within 24 orders but state processing times can be longer. To file quickly, same-day expedited processing costs between $75 and $150 extra.

Two add-ons worth considering include getting an EIN ($75) and a banking resolution ($50).

You may also want to get business contract templates or a company kit. Either option costs $99 each.

Premium Package

If you want several add-ons, choosing the Premium Package for $199 plus state fees can be worth it.

These add-ons come with Premium:

  • One year of no-cost Registered Agent service (then $119 per year)
  • Apply for EIN/Federal tax ID number
  • Banking resolution
  • Company kit
  • Business contract template

The only add-on Premium members must still pay for is same-day expedited processing.

Best for: Expedited processing, business contract templates

Trustpilot ranking: 3.8


  • 24/7 customer support
  • Free first year Registered Agent
  • Affordable starter package


  • Expensive premium packages
  • No annual reporting or tax services

12. Incorporate.com

Incorporate.com homepage

Incorporate.com has a company history dating back to 1899. It can be one of the cheapest ways to incorporate in Delaware but businesses from all U.S. states can join.

While there are no customer feedback scores on Trustpilot, this platform is still considering. Packages start at $79 in select states but cost $99 in most. State filing fees are extra and there are three different package options.

All packages come with free Registered Agent service which can save you money.

The Starter

The Starter package costs $99 in most states.

This package provides the business formation documents and Registered Agent service. But you will need to pay extra for other amenities.

Some of the other add-ons include:

  • Federal EIN ($80)
  • Corporate kit and company seal ($99)
  • Business license compliance documents ($99)
  • LLC operating agreement ($99)

The Essentials

The mid-tier Essentials package costs $249 in most states and provides a domestic EIN and a corporate kit.

You will need to pay extra to obtain a business formation document and business license package.

The Works

Businesses wanting everything should choose The Works. This premium package costs $349 in most states.

Splurging lets you get an operating agreement and business license research package.

One optional add-on is applying for an international EIN. This add-on costs $95 and is available in cheaper packages too.

Best for: $75,000 corporate compliance guarantee, incorporating in Delaware

Trustpilot score: N/A


  • Low-cost packages
  • Many available add-ons
  • Strong satisfaction guarantee


  • Few customer reviews
  • Expensive expedited processing

Comparison of LLC Filing Services

Here’s a breakdown of the best LLC services on the market. Be sure to consider customer feedback as well when reviewing your options.

IncFileZenBusinessRocket Lawyer
Pricing and PackagesSilver: $0
Gold: $149
Platinum: $299
Starter: $49
Pro: $199
Premium: $299
Members: Free once then 25% off
Non-members: $99
(Membership costs $39.99/month)
Registered AgentIncludedIncludedMembers: $112.50
Non-members: $149.99
Operating AgreementSilver: $49
Gold/Platinum: Free
IncludedMembers: Free
Non-members: 39.99
Employer Identification Number (EIN)Silver: $70
Gold/Platinum: Free
Starter: $99
Pro/Premium: Free
Business Tax ConsultationFree 30-minute consultationFree consultationN/A
Banking Resolution TemplateSilver: $35
Gold/Platinum: Free
$30Members: Free
Non-members: 39.99
Annual State Compliance Report$99$199N/A


Here are some frequently asked questions.

How much do the best LLC formation services cost?

While a basic LLC formation package can be free, state filing fees (between $40 and $500) apply. Other entry-level packages cost between $50 and $150 and may offer more features. More robust packages can cost up to $800.

It’s important to remember that there will be extra fees to get more complex services and documents. For example, you might pay $70 if you want the LLC service to get an EIN on your behalf. It can also cost more to get an operating agreement template, banking resolution template and other forms.

What LLC formation services do companies offer?

At a minimum, the LLC service will perform a business name search and obtain the Articles of Organization from your state government.

Additionally, the best LLC services may offer extra options, including express filing, registered agent service and more.

Do you need a lawyer to set up an LLC?

Hiring a lawyer might be necessary in certain situations. If you want to start an LLC, you could hire a business lawyer if your company is in a certain industry or you have a complex legal situation.

Another reason to consider hiring an attorney is if there are multiple business owners.

Using the best LLC formation service can provide similar benefits but at a lower cost. Legitimate business formation companies will complete all the paperwork and make sure your incorporation service filings comply with the state laws.

What is the process for creating an LLC?

To start an LLC, you must name your LLC, choose a registered agent , file LLC paperwork for your state and pay LLC filing fees to the Secretary of State.

After completing the application process, you’ll need to apply for an EIN and create an operating agreement. Banks and state governments require these credentials for certain activities.

What are the benefits of setting up an LLC?

One of the biggest advantages of forming an LLC is having limited personal liability for legal lawsuits. A court can use business assets but not personal assets to settle a dispute.

Financially, being an LLC has its perks as well. For example, setting up a business bank account can be easier if you have formed an LLC. This is because banks may require you to be an LLC or corporation to open a business bank account or small business credit card. It’s also easier for LLCs to raise money than sole proprietors. 

LLCs can enjoy other tax benefits that sole proprietors and corporations don’t. That said, it’s important to keep in mind that there are some disadvantages and additional costs to being an LLC that other business types may not encounter.

What businesses should (and shouldn’t) consider forming an LLC?

Forming an LLC may be a good option for businesses that hire employees, perform services that are subject to a lawsuit or have multiple owners. For instance, contractors (i.e., construction or repair services), restaurants and stores may want to consider forming an LLC.

Freelancers and those with small side hustle incomes might be better off remaining sole proprietors. Speaking with a tax professional can help you decide if the benefits of becoming an LLC are worth the cost and paperwork.


If you’re ready to make the switch from sole proprietorship to becoming an LLC, a the best LLC services for formation and management can make the process easier.

In addition to completing the initial paperwork, many platforms offer ongoing customer support to make running your business simpler.

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