Is Zap Surveys Legit? My Honest Review

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Zap Survey

Online surveys are an easy way to earn a few extra bucks in your free time.

You may like Zap Surveys as the platform lets you know the survey category before starting. Additionally, the service estimates if the opportunity is a good match for your profile.

Therefore, increasing the likelihood that you will qualify for the full study and earn points for your effort.

I’ll share my experience with this service in my Zap Surveys review and highlight how it differs from other rewards sites you may already use. 

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Overall Rating


Zap Surveys lets you answer several daily surveys and search for studies by topic. You can get paid by PayPal or gift card with a $10 balance.

  • Survey Opportunities


  • Payout Options


  • Earning Potential


  • Ease of Use



  • Answer daily surveys
  • Cash and gift card prizes
  • Several bonus opportunities


  • $10 minimum redemption
  • Potential low-paying surveys
  • Won’t qualify for every survey

What is Zap Surveys?

Zap Survey home page

Zap Surveys is a free survey site with a web platform and a mobile app for Android and iOS devices. You will primarily make money by answering surveys, although you can be eligible for cash back offers and in-store shopping. 

It’s possible to earn cash or gift card rewards. 

This survey app launched in 2017 and has positive ratings on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Users like the ability to take several surveys each day and the opportunity to earn daily bonuses. 

Two features make this site unique compared to most survey apps:

  • Survey topic: Most platforms only disclose the time requirement and payout. Knowing the research genre beforehand can help you choose the most appealing topic.
  • Qualification odds: The app estimates if your profile is a strong, good or fair match so you are more likely to pass the screener questions and earn points. 

I recommend installing the Zap Surveys mobile app instead of the web platform as you will receive more paid opportunities. For example, I could earn double income on surveys through the app on certain days but taking the same survey online only paid the base rate.

You may also like this side hustle app as it has a wider variety of survey topics than the average competitor. 

Available topics include but are not limited to:

  • Business
  • Cars
  • Children
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Fashion
  • Healthcare
  • Home and family
  • Media
  • Personal care
  • Politics
  • Sociology
  • Sports 
  • Technology
  • Travel
  • Video games

Certain topics have more availability than others as market research companies generally want opinions about shopping habits and planned expenses. I like participating in non-shopping surveys that other platforms may not offer.

How Zap Surveys Works

Below is a glimpse at how to earn and redeem rewards through this survey platform.

Sign Up 

You got zapped

United States residents must be at least 17 years old to join. Membership is also available to many regions across the world including Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. The minimum age to join is between 16 and 18 years, depending on the country.

After joining, you will earn a $2 cash bonus by taking a two-minute survey. I like that you receive a valuable signup bonus for completing this initial questionnaire that sets up your profile and matches you with relevant studies. You will need to earn another $8 to start cashing out.

The signup process is quick and easy as you can link an email or Facebook account. I joined and earned the new member bonus in less than five minutes. 

You can start attempting surveys immediately after completing the initial profile survey.

There are also several ways to share which topics interest you the most so you are more likely to receive invitations for those topics.

Take Online Surveys

You will like this app if you enjoy taking online surveys as it’s the primary income stream.

I appreciate the ability to attempt multiple surveys each day. Most surveys award between $0.14 and $1.50 with an average length of 10 to 15 minutes.

It’s also nice being able to search through studies by topic and the best match. You will see the payout and estimated completion time for each option. Further, you receive two cents if you disqualify as a consolation for your time.

There are several ways to compare survey offers in your member dashboard:

  • Best surveys for you: See curated options that have high payouts for the time commitment and are relevant to your profile.
  • Interest surveys: Find surveys for a specific topic. You can choose up to three interest topics to receive more matches.
  • Location surveys: Mobile panelists enabling location services can take surveys based on your current location. For example, you might receive an invitation when shopping at a particular store as the merchant or brand wants your opinion.
  • One-question surveys: App users can also be invited to answer one-question polls. These opportunities are relatively infrequent but something to look for as an effortless way to earn rewards.

I find the survey experience to be similar to other platforms regarding ease of use but there can be a wider variety of survey topics. You can easily compare available offers and the study focus. 

One hesitation is how frequently I qualify for surveys. Several studies are easy to qualify for as the surveys are a good match. However, there are intervals where I might struggle to pass the screener questions consistently and only receive the two-cent partial reward.

Not qualifying for every survey is typical for any survey app, and there are certain platforms I completely avoid as my personal success rate is low.

I suggest attempting several surveys and seeing how frequently you pass the screener questions to decide if this app fits your needs. 

Another potential drawback that some customer reviews mention and I also witnessed is not receiving credit for successful survey attempts. For example, you finish the survey and the app says you earn points but the completed survey doesn’t appear in your earnings history.

You must submit a support ticket for the platform to investigate the error. In my situation, the issue couldn’t be corrected for a few surveys that I fully answered but it appears that I never attempted.

In a nutshell, verify your rewards balance updates before starting another survey.

Check Out Product Offers

Members have the opportunity to earn cash back at participating online retailers. Most merchants award up to 6% back on qualifying purchases. 

Like most cash back apps, you will need to wait several weeks for your shopping rewards to become available. This waiting period is standard to verify you don’t return the item during the return window and receive a refund. 

You can also earn location-based rewards by visiting participating stores. For example, I received a push notification to collect $0.25 on a recent visit to my local Walmart.

Depending on the store, you can take limited-time surveys while you shop. App users may also be asked to scan barcodes and verify product prices.

These offers can pay more than the standard survey options that are available at home.   

Zapper’s Rewards

Zap Surveys daily cash

It’s possible to earn bonus cash by completing various challenges within the Zapper’s Rewards program. For example, you can receive a one-time bonus after attempting a specific number of surveys in a calendar day or earning a certain amount.

Below are some examples of the bonus prizes I could earn:

  • Attempt five surveys and get $0.40
  • Complete two daily surveys and receive a $0.25 bonus
  • Earn $1 from surveys and get a $0.25 bonus
  • Earn $5 from surveys and receive a $1 bonus

There is also a daily login bonus from $0.01 to $0.05 cents depending on how many consecutive days you visit your account online or through the app. Just be sure to claim your daily bonus or the login streak resets.

You won’t get rich from these bonus rewards or the survey offers, but I find that the milestones motivate you to be active on the app. In addition to your survey income, the bonus rewards help you reach the $10 minimum redemption sooner.

Redeeming Rewards Points

Zap Surveys redeem amazon

You can cash out once your rewards balance reaches $10 for cash or gift cards. There are more redemption options within the app than the web platform.

Your redemption options include:

The $10 redemption minimum is a tad higher than most rewards sites which typically have a $5 threshold, but it’s achievable if you attempt several surveys per day. I appreciate there are multiple cash redemption options that can provide more flexibility than a retail gift card.  

Zap Surveys Hack

If you’re like me, you’re always looking for ways to make more money from your efforts. Here are several ways to be more productive on this platform.

Daily Logins

You can earn a few extra cents when checking in on consecutive days and claiming your daily bonus. Completing surveys still pays more but the daily bonuses help you cash out sooner and discover today’s highest-paying gigs in the app.

Refer Friends

Most side hustle apps offer a referral bonus that can help your friends and family join and start making money too. You will receive 10% of your friend’s survey earnings. 

You can invite friends by sharing your unique link and by letting the app access your phone’s contact list.

Explore Offers

Enabling location services helps you qualify for exclusive surveys and offers that pay more than what’s publicly available. Shopping offers can pay the most if you’re willing to make a purchase.

Update Your Profile

You will be able to complete profile surveys periodically to make sure your household details and interests are current. Personally, I like these surveys as they are short and you can earn a decent number of points.

The platform also lets you change your three favorite survey interests at any time so you can receive relevant offers frequently.

Alternatives to Zap Surveys

You may prefer these rewards platforms as you can complete multiple surveys per day for similar topics but have more ways to earn points or enjoy a lower minimum redemption.

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie lets you answer multiple daily surveys. You may also be invited to participate in online focus and advanced, higher-paying studies which are typically not found on Zap Surveys. 

Additionally, you can install the SJ Pulse app to share your internet browsing activity for cash and qualify for exclusive surveys. The minimum redemption is $5 for cash and gift card rewards.  


Consider Swagbucks when you want a variety of ways to earn income. In addition to paid surveys, you can earn points by shopping online, redeeming grocery coupons, playing games and watching videos.

The minimum redemption is $1 for Amazon gift cards and $5 for PayPal or other gift card prizes. Further, you can be as young as 13 to join and start participating for points.

Inbox Dollars  

You will find multiple ways to make money on Inbox Dollars such as surveys, online shopping and playing games. New members earn an instant $5 signup bonus and must be at least 18 years old.

The minimum redemption is $15 for your first cash-out and then $25 for subsequent redemptions. Your rewards options include PayPal and digital gift cards. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a look at common questions and answers I found helpful as I researched Zap.

What are the Zap Surveys customer service options?

You can send an email after logging into your member account. The average response time is one or two business days. There is also a basic online FAQ library for basic troubleshooting and summaries about how to earn or redeem rewards.

What are the Zap Surveys cash-out options?

Cash redemptions include PayPal Cash, Visa or Mastercard virtual gift cards. A handful of store gift cards are also available including Amazon, Starbucks and Under Armour. The redemption minimum is $10 for all rewards and it takes from one to three days to receive your payment.

Does Zap Surveys pay real money?

Yes, you will earn cash rewards that can be redeemed to your PayPal account or for digital gift cards to popular merchants, such as Amazon. Most surveys pay from $0.14 to $1.50 and take up to 15 minutes to complete.

You can earn up to $6 per hour which isn’t much but it can be a fun side hustle nonetheless. 

Is Zap Surveys Legit?

Zap Surveys is a trustworthy survey app with the ability to answer multiple studies each day. Customizing your interest makes it easier to qualify for studies on this app and avoid getting bored. 

However, the $10 redemption requirement and not having many high-paying side gigs means it can take longer to cash out. You may like this app if you enjoy short surveys often.