3 Ways to Get Paid to Advertise For Companies

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The more I work to find ways to make extra cash through various side hustles, the more I find that the ways to get paid by doing side hustles are virtually endless.

One way to make money today is by advertising for companies.

How to Get Paid to Advertise For Companies

Not so long ago, the only people that got paid to advertise for companies were those who owned television networks, radio stations or print companies that published newspapers or magazines.

Today however, things are different and the average guy or girl can make money by advertising for companies as well.

Although he has since closed down his company, a guy by the name of Jason Zook made over one million dollars by advertising for companies via wearing t-shirts with their names on them.  

Yes, this is a rare occurrence, but even our own podcast guest, Benny Hsu, has made over six figures by selling his own t-shirt designs on line.

The point is that there are hundreds of ideas for making money via side hustles, and I’m going to share today how you can get paid to advertise for companies in one of three different ways.

1. Wrap Your Car

Yes, there are legit ways to get paid simply by driving your car.

One way you can make money by driving your car is to advertise for various companies via car wrapping advertisers such as Carvertise.

After you fill out an application on the Carvertise web site, sharing your personal information along with the type of car you drive, how often you drive it and where you drive it, the company matches you with advertisers looking to advertise in your area.

If you approve of the companies requesting to advertise on your car (you have the right to refuse a wrap if you’re not comfortable with promoting the company that’s requesting it), the Carvertise advertiser pays to have a wrap placed on your car and then pays you for doing your normal, everyday driving.

Most companies like Carvertise do have certain qualifications for drivers who want to get paid for driving around with a car wrap.

Carvertise requirements:

  • Drive newer cars (2005 or newer at last check) with no body damage or rust
  • Have a clean driving record and are law-abiding drivers
  • Drive a specific number of hours per week to maximize visibility
  • Live and drive in bigger metropolitan areas

These qualifications are important to Carvertise and its advertisers for several reasons.

First, the companies that pay you to advertise for them want to protect their reputations, therefore they look for responsible drivers that obey traffic laws.

Second, car wraps don’t adhere well to cars with body damage or rust. The advertisers want the wraps to reflect the quality of their company.

Third, since the goal is to maximize visibility, advertisers want drivers who drive often in major metropolitan areas in order to increase exposure.

You might have some questions about making money via driving around advertising for companies. Here are answers to some of the most common questions potential wrap ad drivers ask.

How much can I make driving with a car wrap?

All companies have different payout schedules, but with Carvertise they’ll pay you $100 per month to drive around with a wrap on your car, and most ad campaigns generally run for three to six months.

When the campaign for a specific company ends, the wrap will be removed until a new client comes along.

Will the wrap hurt my vehicle?

Carvertise says that their wraps cause no damage whatsoever to a car’s paint job – and actually help protect the cars from certain types of body damage such as door dings and rocks kicked up by other vehicles.

Aren’t these car wrap places scams?

While Carvertise is a legit car advertising company, there are some scam companies out there that claim they pay you to advertise on your car but don’t.

Here are some tips for spotting a scam company:

  • A scam company will ask you for money up front. Legit car advertising company like Carvertise never require money from the car owner.
  • A scam company won’t care about your driving record. Legit companies only accept responsible drivers.
  • A scam company won’t have detailed contact information on their web site. If you’re having trouble finding the actual location or contact info from a company, or if they only share an email address and nothing else, it could be a scam.

So, yes, there are legit companies out there that will pay you to advertise for other companies by placing a wrap on your car.

If you fit the qualifications that trustworthy car wrap companies are looking for, go ahead and contact one to see if you can work to earn some extra cash by driving your car.

2. Advertise on Social Media

There are a few companies that will pay you to advertise for them on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

You don’t get paid directly from the companies you advertise for; instead you get paid from a company that connects you with those brands seeking advertising.

Companies such as Izea will pay people to promote certain brands on their social media accounts:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

It works like this: You fill out a short application with a social media marketing company like Izea.

Izea will use the information you share to find a potential partnership with certain ad brands such as Hershey’s or Kraft.

You share links on your social media sites as Izea sends them to you. When your followers click on those links, you earn cash.

Know that the more followers you have on your social media accounts, the more likely partners (i.e. the companies that partner with companies like Izea) are to choose you to share their ads.

Also, the more followers you have, the more clicks you will likely gain from your shares.

So, this is a side hustle that will be most effective for those with larger social media followings.

However, if you don’t have large followings on your social media accounts you can work to increase those numbers before signing up with a company such as Izea.

It’s important too, in order to have success advertising on social media, to share other content besides sponsored ads.

Having a mix of organic content (posts that you create about different things) along with your sponsored ads will help you keep your followers.

If you are posting only sponsored ads or posts that may cause followers to leave.

If you spend a fair amount of time on your social media sites and have developed a good following on them, this might be a great way for you to make some extra cash.

3. Advertise on Your Blog

If you own a blog and are looking for ways to monetize it, advertising for other companies on your blog could be for you.

If you don’t own a blog, now might be the perfect time to start one. Do you have a particular subject or group of subjects you are passionate and knowledgeable about?

Do you love teaching people about money? Are you a great cook? Do you have good parenting skills? If you like interacting with people and sharing knowledge with them, blogging could be a great side hustle for you.

Don’t know much about web site set up and design? With my easy-to-follow post on how to start a blog in less than ten minutes, you could have your own personal blog starting today.

Once you have your own blog and are publishing valuable content on it, you can form partnerships with an advertising network such as AdSense and start earning money from other companies’ advertisements on your blog.

Here’s how it works

Companies such as the ones mentioned above place ads in different places on your blog.

They might place an ad for a company on the sidebar of your blog, at the bottom of each article you write or within the article somewhere.

When people visit your blog site, they’ll see the strategically placed ads. If they click on the ads, you earn money from the ad placement companies.

After you reach a certain dollar earnings threshold, the company will pay you via PayPal or by mailing you a check.

This can be a great way to make passive income, as once the ads are placed there’s nothing for you to do except for promote your site.  

The ads are visible to all who visit your blog, and you simply wait for those visitors to click on the ads.

You can also make money by advertising for companies on your blog in the form of what’s called a sponsored post.

Sponsored posts are articles that are written for your blog but contain information that includes a link or paragraph inviting them to visit the company’s website.

Companies will generally pay out in a couple of different ways for sponsored posts. First, they pay for publication of the post itself. Second, they will sometimes offer payout for any new clients they gain via the link within the post.

This is called an affiliate partnership. You advertise for the company, they pay you from any new clients they gain through your web site. Affiliate links can account for a large portion of the income many bloggers make.

Building a blog that makes money through affiliate links and advertisements does take time and doesn’t happen overnight.

You will have to form a relationship within the blogging community (preferably a part of the community that blogs about similar topics to yours) and work to gain readers.

However, if you are willing to put in the time and money, making money through advertising and affiliate relationships on your blog is a real possibility. You can learn more about affiliate marketing with the course, Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing.


Making money by advertising for companies is real. As with any other job, it won’t happen without some effort on your part. If one of the three options listed above sounds interesting to you that could be the place to start.

Driving around with wrap ads on your car will likely be the easiest, provided you fit in with the driving and car ownership parameters.

The only real work involved with that money-making avenue is taking the time to drive to the company that installs the wraps on your car.

The other two: getting paid to advertise on social media and getting paid to advertise via a blog, will take some time each day as you manage your blog or social media outlets and work to publish valuable content and gain new followers and readers.

If you are committed to doing what you need to do to grow your blog or social media accounts in a way that provides value to followers and readers, the likelihood of growing your media outlets to a level where you are making serious money is a possibility.

While the blog owners that make six digits a year are fewer and farther in between, it’s not uncommon to see blog owners making $1,000 a month or more.

It just takes the willingness to stick with the effort it takes to publish valuable content and grow your readership.

But the potential income you could make from these money-making efforts could provide you with the cash you need to reach all of your financial goals, making your work worth every minute you put into it.