Upwork review

Upwork Review: Is It A Legit Way To Find Work Online?

You may consider joining Upwork if you’re starting to freelance or want another platform to connect with clients. I actually began my freelancing career through Upwork in 2015.  Upwork provides work-from-home opportunities for many categories including accounting, customer service, programming

Lili Review featured

Lili Review: A Mobile Banking App For Small Businesses

Typical business banking accounts can be expensive. While they are good options for bigger businesses that can easily afford higher fees, they tend to be inaccessible for freelancers and sole proprietors. Fortunately, Lili offers free and low-priced business checking accounts

Lemonade vs Hippo Home Insurance

Lemonade vs. Hippo Home Insurance: How Do They Compare?

This is a sponsored post by Lemonade. We only partner with brands that have a good reputation and that we believe are helpful to our readers. If you’re shopping for homeowners insurance, there are many options to choose from. Trying

Passive Income Apps

15 Best Passive Income Apps

Earning passive income is one of the best ways to make money. Instead of trading your time for dollars, passive income involves letting the free money roll in without needing to work a regular job.  Although this money-making opportunity does

survey sites for teens

10 Best Survey Sites for Teens

Online surveys are an easy way for teens to make money from home. Unlike a part-time job that can require working several hours per day, most surveys only take up to 20 minutes. Plus, you can complete several each day

allowance for kids

Allowance For Kids: How Much To Pay Kids By Age

An allowance can help your kids learn about earning and saving money. It can be wise for parents to teach these lessons before their children move out and start paying their own bills. There are different allowance strategies that you

Young man using a cell phone to take some surveys while laying on beige carpet

10 Best Paid Survey Sites For Kids

Many survey sites out there market to kids under 18. But are they safe? It’s understandable that kids want to start making money to start buying their own things and survey sites can make that possible. As a kid, you’d

Survey Junkie review

Survey Junkie Review: Is it a Scam or Legit?

Getting paid for your opinion sounds amazing, but it can be difficult to find a survey platform that you feel comfortable working with. Too many survey sites will ask you to pay money in order to find paid surveys. It is

debit cards for kids

15 Best Debit Cards For Kids

Debit cards for kids can be useful tools as you teach your children about important financial literacy lessons. When my oldest child turned 16, I wanted to make sure she knew how to make wise financial decisions. I also wanted

survey app

15 Best Survey Apps

What’s one of the easiest ways to make money from your phone? Online surveys. Dozens of sites offer paid surveys that pay you in cash or gift cards. Other stores ask your opinion about your shopping trip in exchange for