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10 Best Investments for Monthly Income

Being able to afford retirement is a financial goal many people want to achieve. Some people reach this goal by saving enough money to no longer rely on working full-time to make ends meet.  There is another option to help

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5 Ways to Get More Interest on Your Savings

Keeping your money in a savings account ensures that you have easy and free access to your cash. However, it’s challenging to build wealth with the low interest rates offered today. If you want to make more money on your

Cash For Gold USA

Cash For Gold USA Review: Is This Gold Buyer Legit?

Given the current state of the economy, many people are looking for ways to make extra money. If you have jewelry or other valuables that you no longer want, it’s easier than ever to turn those items into cash.  Companies

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32 Ways to Make 10 Dollars in a Day Online

Making money online sounds amazing, right? You get to make money on your own schedule. What if you could make 10 dollars a day online, every day with a small portion of your spare time? That 10 dollars can add

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10 Best Companies to Refinance Student Loans

Looking for the best companies to refinance student loans? We’ve got you covered. Refinancing your student loans is one of the best options to help you become debt-free and save money with lower monthly payments and long-term interest savings. There

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10 Best Companies to Consolidate Credit Card Debt

Refinancing credit card debt is one of the best steps you can take to get out of debt. Chances are, your credit cards have a high interest rate. In addition to getting a lower interest rate, more of your monthly

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CIT Bank Review: Earn More Interest on Your Savings

If you haven’t jumped on the online bank bandwagon, you’re late to the game! According to CNBC, Online banks offer an average of 20X more than a savings account at a big bank. Also, savings accounts are usually free and you

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17 Best Crowdfunding Real Estate Sites

If you don’t have the time, skills, or cash to own rental property, investing through a crowdfunded real estate site lets you own rental property without all the headaches. In addition, your investment might earn a 12% yield while the

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10 Best Term Life Insurance Companies

Most of us like to think we will always remain young and invincible. Unfortunately, nobody can predict the future. Having one of the best term life insurance policies can give you the peace of mind your loved ones will be

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The 10 Best Apps for Freelancers

If you’re a freelancer, you’re well aware of the awesome perks of solopreneurship—working in your PJs, freedom and flexibility over your schedule, and the potential to earn more. Conversely, self-employment also comes with downsides. Primarily, the extra financial housekeeping that’s

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CIT Bank Savings Builder Review

Low interest rates are great if you want to borrow money, but not too helpful when you are trying to save it. At your typical bank, you’ll be lucky to get even .10% interest on money placed in a savings