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  1. Paul

    You talked about trading stocks and I think anyone should learn how to do this. I would also invest a bit of money into cryptocurrecies. Not much, and not money I wouldn’t afford to lose if something bad happens. Maybe 3% monthly and buy different Altcoins and Bitcoins. Then wait on it for at least 3 years if not more. The ROI should be very good and a long term investment would reduce the risk. What do you think, Josh?

    • Deacon

      I agree that everyone should invest for their future goals, such as retirement, travel, or helping grandchildren with a portion of their college expenses. As far as cryptocurrencies, I would say to use caution since their values have been so volatile. So, yes, you should definitely not invest money you aren’t willing to lose. Just be careful not to get lured into buying more from what appears to be big gains and the promise of riches.

  2. Anjuman Are Begum

    Could you please add a few names of trusted websites of online tutors where I can apply? I am a graduated student in chemistry and I want to teach science and earn money online. Thanks in advance.

    • Deacon

      We have a couple of posts on our website that have links in them for paid tutoring They are: “7 Legit Ways to Make Money Answering Questions”, “30 Easy Ways to Make Money in College”, and “60+ Creative Side Hustle Ideas To Try in 2018”. Good luck!

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